About Us

The ForaHealthyMe Inc. solution delivers a virtual clinic without walls by blending clinical protocols for prehabilitation and rehabilitation patient management with real time analytics, motion tracking, 3D avatars, video & gesture recognition technologies.

Known as virtual rehabilitation or tele-rehabilitation, the ForaHealthyMe Inc., software and analytics engine enables a provider to create custom care plans for patients. Using data related to range of motion and muscle strengthening exercises, a provider can prescribe specific activities to patients prior to, and after a surgical procedure.

ForaHealthyMe works with Kinesiologists and Physical Therapists to identify joints for accurate exercise protocols for patients. We create algorithms that allows a camera to capture, process and stream data from joint and angle calculations.

With a focus on the arms, legs and torso, the patient’s movements are recorded and they receive immediate feedback about their technique. The combination of medical knowledge and technology is further enhanced by next generation voice recognition applications.

While the patient performs the activity, our motion tracking technology records and makes precise angle and distance measurement calculations. The calculations are transformed into data streams which reflect the joints and angles of activities performed by the patient.

For both providers and payers, the value to the health system is realized via cost-saving through health informatics, disease management, coordinated care and telehealth technologies to increase patient access to care in a place where they prefer to be; i.e. at home.

With the push towards value-based care, providers must apply metrics to cost, quality, health outcomes and patient experience. Providers are powered with software that simulates human motion in a virtual environment.

The ForaHealthyMe software generates aggregated data and reports. The data enables a provider to monitor, gauge and diminish the risk of post-op complications.

For instance, after a total knee replacement procedure, patients often experience severe pain. Reduced mobility affects their quality of life as they face challenges walking, walking and carrying objects as well as managing steps, on level, incline and decline surfaces.

By prescribing range of motion activities, through specific joint selection, rich data streams for analysis are derived from the activities performed by the patients. A recorded file is sent to the provider who can review and schedule a video call to provide additional instructions.

ForaHealthyMe Inc.’s approach uses Microsoft’s advanced Machine Learning and Cognitive technologies designed to extract information from datasets.

In 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services implemented changes under the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) model. The model promotes better and more efficient care for beneficiaries undergoing lower extremity joint replacements.

The model tests bundled payments and quality measurements for an episode of care associated with hip and knee replacements to encourage hospitals, physicians, and post-acute care providers to work together to improve the quality and coordination of care from the initial hospitalization through recovery.

Our approach is supported by research validating the achievable reductions in cost between preoperative and postoperative care, while achieving the Triple Aim. The study entitled, Associations Between preoperative physical therapy and Post-Acute care utilization patterns and Cost in Total Joint Replacement, was published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, October 2014.
It concluded, "The use of preoperative physical therapy was associated with a 29% decrease in the use of any post-acute care services. This association was sustained after adjusting for comorbidities, demographic characteristics, and procedural variables."

From a clinical perspective, the paper stated, "Health-care providers can use this methodology to achieve an integrative, cost-effective, patient care pathway using preoperative physical therapy."

While other solutions focus on one aspect of care, be it, chronic or acute, very few address mental health issues. The ForaHealthyMe platform is different. It successfully brings together critical elements of virtual care for patients with complex chronic, acute and behavioral health issues.

The rationale for the approach to integrate complex chronic, acute and behavioral health issues is driven by the fact that patients transition from chronic, to acute care, and back. Throughout the continuum, the patients cope with mental health issues like Anxiety, Depression and Stress.

Our Mental Health Virtual Clinic delivers integrated functionality with provider workflows, mental health assessment scales, video consults, online peer-to-peer support groups, patient education & health outcomes data. Prescribed at the point of care, patients diagnosed with Stress, Anxiety & Depression can be managed virtually using our Mental Health Solutions.